I love this business! Each day is a new experience especially since AestheticLife entered beauty & wellness segment. It is a world engulfed in fashion, media, PR, and events. Since majority of the consumers of such products and services are women, it was inevitable that AestheticLife enter the beauty salon & Spa segment. Since quality does not come at a low price, my other objective is to raise awareness to the general public on

what factors they should consider while choosing a product or a service provider. This is being done through the AestheticLife magazine page on Face Book which has a growing audience now. it carries important and credible news from Aesthetic medicine, and the beauty world, recommendations on products as well as contact details of a particular doctor or salon. My love for the beauty business is new, and I foresee a big future in it. From the biggest bridal and makeup segment to hair color & treatments, skin services, nails, furniture, tools, to the training academy, and the AestheticLife clinics, I look forward to a bright future. The PR and event management section at AestheticLife adds value to our existing profile, as we get close to the fashion industry and media, the two most important mediums where beauty products and services go hand in hand. Our products are endorsed by celebrities, and are showcased on reality and morning shows. Keep following AestheticLife for more updates, features, and events.

Ghazanfar rauf